How We Do It: 

Client Case Studies

Making Communications Work for Our Clients


A manufacturing company has teams presenting at global conferences and trade shows monthly – both online and face-to-face. Prior to each event, TCW’s coaches engage with each team to refine their presentations, ensure consistent messaging comes across and each presenter is confident, knowledgeable and inspiring.

Communications training for industry
Strategic communications coaching


A utility company's large communications team was falling short of delivering against their goals. We assessed team skill sets, developed a competency matrix and career ladder, built individual development plans, defined internal policies, procedures and processes and upskilled team members. Within a year, the team had improved performance and was successfully supporting the management team with more focused communications strategies.


For more than 10 years we’ve been working with a client who holds an annual global congress in a different country each year. We’re the resource that coaches and supports over 50 spokespeople before and during events to deliver the right messages across all communications channels including press events, interviews, onstage and online deliveries, panel discussions and Q&As. The result is more confident spokespeople and consistent messaging across all audiences.

Global congress and conference presentation coaching
Brand coaching in the aviation industry


For nearly a decade, we have been supporting a large airline by providing senior counsel to their spokespeople to prepare for important international media interviews and presentations. We work as an extension to the airline’s communications team by ensuring messaging is consistent and spokespeople confidently deliver key messages in often challenging media engagements.


What do you do if a crisis hits? Do you know if your staff are prepared to communicate with stakeholders including media, employees, clients, shareholders and government regulators? With our global energy client, we plan crisis scenarios and with the leadership and communications team, stress-test with a series of simulations and role-play exercises. We have identified and adjusted non-performing company protocols and processes so crisis communications were ready and effective. 

Government and crisis communication training